Prince George

The City of Prince George

Scope of Work

TDB were contracted by the City of Prince George to devise and implement a plan for the removal of dead pine beetle trees within the city’s residential and business areas, and fire-fuel treatment within the city.

We are a service-oriented company at TDB, so we always work closely with our clients and the communities that might be affected by our project work. In this instance, the area to be treated included both residential and business zones of the community. By communicating openly and regularly with all those involved, we are able to build positive relationships that resulted in a better outcome for everyone.

The removal of over 50,000 dead pine trees was carried out using a single-stem removal system; TDB performed this technique to meet the needs of environmental obligations and constraints. The effective fire-fuel treatment of an area covering more than 320 hectares across 30 parks and 25 green belts, and cemeteries, now means the City of Prince George has fewer hazardous trees on municipal land, and the fire-fuel loading level has been reduced to low, therefore substantially decreasing the likelihood of a devastating urban interface wildfire.

A comprehensive safety and environmental monitoring program was designed and implemented throughout the three-year- operation; this resulted in zero safety or environmental compliance incidents.

An extensive communications campaign was carried out by TDB to keep the local residents informed of current activities happening throughout the city. This kept the work sites safer and helped earn public support for the project from residents, as they were better able to plan their recreational activities in other parks and green belt areas.

“TDB worked within financial parameters to meet changing objectives as the pine beetle infestation grew over the year-long project, requiring removal of most of the pine on city land. TDB was able to deliver services on-time and on-budget. TDB has consistently shown innovation in its field, and has always been open to incorporating client input. I would recommend TDB.”

– Mark Fercho – Manager Environmental Services – City of Prince George

Services Used:

  • Development Plans
  • Forest Health Mapping
  • GIS and Safety Planning Integration
  • Identification and Planning of Tree and Brush Control
  • Municipal Mapping
  • Silviculture Prescriptions/Site Plans
  • Surveying
  • Traffic Control Mapping
  • Timber Evaluation and Reporting
  • Wildfire Protection Planning/Risk Assessment
  • Cutting Permit Applications
  • Construction Management
  • Pest Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Stream and Riparian Management
  • Block Layout
  • Construction Supervision
  • Culvert Installations
  • Clearing and Debris Removal
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • GPS Traversing
  • Harvesting supervision
  • Implementation of Health and Safety Programs
  • Logging Supervision
  • Traffic Control Supervision
  • Danger Tree Assessment