Scaling at a Glance

A sample load of black spruce is spread out before you. Plagued with multiple defects, you begin taking measurements of the length and diameters for each individual log. You see checks, twists, rot, and knots – you take a moment to recall the various grade rules, one of many provincially established criteria you must adhere to, to accurately determine the log’s individual grades. The thrill of the job lies in the challenge; the problem solving, the decision making, the continual learning… No sample load is ever the same. You take your scaling stick and carefully assess the deductible rot and record your calculations in your handheld device. The hum of the log yard buzzes around you; you hear beeping from loaders stacking log decks and the rumble of logging truck engines as they move around the yard, entering and exiting the sawmill through the weigh scale. The scent of freshly cut wood in the air brings back fond memories of the forest. You think to yourself – Who knew this rewarding career even existed?

Current Opportunities

Who Are We Looking For?

A career often unfamiliar to many, scaling plays a pivotal role in sustainable resource management and is essential for meeting the needs of both government and industry. At TDB, you will have the opportunity to participate in the balance of maintaining economic viability with the best forest management practices. We are looking for individuals who thrive on solving complex problems and who have a passion for forestry management and sustainability.

Candidates will possess strong communication and interpersonal skills with a proven ability to meet client needs in an effective and efficient manner. We are looking for individuals who have a willingness to learn and grow with a particular eye for detail. Candidates must demonstrate a safety conscious attitude and be willing to travel to various client sites in and around the BC Central Interior. Candidate’s schedules must be able to accommodate a variety of shift hours; out-of-town work is possible and may be required.

How Will We Help You Grow?

How Will You Create An Impact?

Whether you are a Weigh Scaler (Weighmaster), a Log Scaler, or both, you play an integral part in the collection of data that is used to by the BC Government and industry to set stumpage fees, administer the annual allowable cut, determine the market value of lumber, measure waste residue and debris, and calculate log yard inventory and contractor pay for Licensees. You play a key part in the forest industry that ensures that BC forest resources are used the best way possible.

From Our Staff…

  • Kayla May

    Log Scaler, TDB Employee since 2018 “I have been working at TDB for almost 2 years as an Interior Log Scaler after working in the industry for 30 years. I am ecstatic to work for a company with managers who gives praise and acknowledgment for a job well done, a pat on the back for employees doing their best, and give constructive criticism when it’s needed. The opportunities to advance within the company are amazing, as the managers encourage all of us to spread our wings and embrace new challenges and opportunities in order to grow with the company. I am so happy I was given the chance to be an employee of TDB. I have been able to train and mentor several new weigh masters and scalers which has always been my passion.”
  • Emily Rankin

    Log Scaler, TDB Employee since 2017 “Being a log scaler has its pros and cons. The cons however do not outweigh the pros. Being outside all day and seeing all the hard work the foresters, operators and truckers do; you get to see the bigger picture. TDB has granted me the opportunity to fulfill a career I never knew I could be so passionate about. I am lucky enough to be home every night, work with amazing people and feel great about the job that I do at the end of the day. TDB works hard to make sure the people with boots on the ground are safe, happy, and healthy. I owe a lot to this company for giving me a career I can keep excelling at.”