Forestry at a Glance

As the rain begins to patter on your shoulders and the whirring of the helicopter fades into the distance, you look around. Surrounded by every hue of green, you breathe deep – the air rich with the smell of moist soil. Few people have a workplace as spectacular as yours. As you plow your way through sloping, overgrown and dense wet brush, bugs zip in and out of your ears. Your ears faintly distinguish the echoing sounds of forest animals far away. Chirps resonate all around, creating a symphony unique to Northern BC’s woodlands. For some, the idea of being paid to spend time outdoors is merely a dream. At TDB, this is your reality.

Current Opportunities

How Will You Make An Impact?

As a part of TDB’s field staff, you will function as TDB’s eyes and ears in the field; gathering data that will be used to make forest management decisions that will play a role in the management of Canada’s forest resources. You will contribute to the balance of sustainability and demand for Canadian wood products.

How Will We Help You Grow?

Throughout your Forestry career at TDB, you will develop skills that will prepare you for career opportunities that include positions in professional forestry and forest technology. TDB will provide you with opportunities to support project teams in all aspects of multiphase timber development that will enhance both your technical and professional expertise.

TDB will provide you with the on-the-job training needed to help you succeed and flourish in your role. With regular feedback and attainable performance targets, TDB will foster the promotion of workplace growth through career development and learning opportunities. You will develop professional practice skills under the guidance of TDB’s forest professionals, and if you meet eligibility requirements, sponsorship for certification under the ABCFP may be presented to you.

Who Are We Looking For?

Forestry is more than just a job – it is also a passion. At TDB, you will have the opportunity to work with people who know what it means to be good stewards and have a real passion for adventure and the environment. We are looking for individuals who yearn to explore the untouched landscapes of Northern British Columbia and who are enthusiastic about forestry management and sustainability.

Candidates will possess strong personal motivation with a proven ability to build and work collaboratively in a strong team environment, as well as independently, and to follow leadership directives. We are looking for individuals who have an active outdoor lifestyle with a safety conscious attitude, an eye for detail, and a drive to produce accurate results. Candidates must be willing to travel, whether it be by vehicle, helicopter, ATV/UTV, snowmobile and/or even jet boat. Candidate’s schedules must be able to accommodate a mixture of town and camp work, with shifts altering between five days and ten days.

From Our Staff…

  • Mark Carlson

    Project Forester, TDB Employee since 2000 "I have been a proud member of the TDB team for almost 20 years. Working with talented people in a collaborative environment are a couple of the key reasons to want to develop your career here!"
  • Kevin Bernadet

    Forestry Technician, TDB Employee since 2019 "I started at TDB in May 2019 – Since then TDB has been a great employer. The staff and management are very supportive and have helped me learn and grow along they way. Management is always willing to give you feedback and advice on how to further your career here. The field work is always interesting and the sights you see in the remote areas are just spectacular. I would highly recommend TDB for anybody looking to start in the Forestry industry."
  • Jordan Thorkelson

    Forest Technician, Summer Student 2019 & Full Time TDB Employee since 2020 "As a new forest tech fresh out of school, I wasn't sure how the job was going to be and I didn't know any of the people. After completing a field season, I can say that TDB is a place where everything is done the right way, coworkers treat you with respect, and opportunity is given to those who work hard for it. If you love working outdoors, enjoy challenging work, and being rewarded with increased opportunity for your efforts then look no further than TDB."