Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Photo Acquisition and Orthophoto

Scope of Work

TDB was awarded the project to provide air photo target control surveys, acquire aerial photography and create detailed Orthophotos for the entire Province of Prince Edward Island; covering 5683sq. km’s, producing 214 map sheets.  This project was completed on time and on budget, to required specifications and to the client’s expectations. TDB utilized the services of Midwest Aerial Photography, a company based in Ohio, to capture 1800 frames, 40 cm Digital Imagery with the Integraph DMC 140 digital camera.

Innovation and Outcome

Our team approach, diligence in execution and innovation led to a project completed on budget with no cost overruns.

Services Used:

  • Establishment and placement of aerial photo targets on existing ground control
  • Flight Planning
  • Aerial Triangulation of photographs
  • Digital Elevation Model from existing LiDAR Data
  • Generation of Orthorectified Photo Mosaics of the entire project area
  • Complete project planning and administration