Vegetation Management at a Glance

The low rumble of small selective harvesting machines reverberates off the forest floor, leaving very little impact behind on the environmentally sensitive terrain. The once thriving forest before you now slowly showing the devastating effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation. Officially deemed a high-risk fire area, you and your crew are responsible for carrying out the fire fuel treatment contract prescribed to the area. Ensuring a safe working distance from other workers and machines, you begin using your chainsaw to cut into a cracked but still-standing pine tree; woodchips layering the scattering of red needles on the ground. TIMBER! You shout into the distance as the tree crackles and falls; a resounding thud echoing off the remaining tree stands. You grin to yourself knowing that you are helping protect communities and living forests alike from a potentially catastrophic fire.

Current Opportunities

How Will You Make An Impact?

Whether you are a Certified Faller, an Equipment Operator, or a Labourer, you will be a part of TDB’s small-scale logging operations that will help maintain and restore healthy and resilient Canadian forest ecosystems. You will participate in projects such as salvaging trees stressed by beetle, disease or wind, selective harvesting of timber, and/or fire fuel treatment within high risk areas. You will help TDB increase the overall diversity of vegetation and improve tree stand health of Canadian forests, all the while leaving as minimal impact to the environment as possible.

How Will We Help You Grow?

Though some positions in TDB’s Vegetation Department require additional certification, such as a BC Faller Certification for a position as a Certified Faller, many other positions do not require certification or extensive experience. TDB will provide you with the on-the-job training and other training opportunities needed to help you learn sustainable environmental practices needed to achieve TDB’s environmental and project goals. With regular feedback and attainable performance targets, TDB will foster the promotion of workplace growth through career development and learning opportunities.

Who Are We Looking For?

A team is only as good as it people. We are looking for individuals who are motivated, willing to learn, and who have a strong desire to practice sustainable forest management. Candidates will possess a strong work ethic with a proven ability to build relationships and work collaboratively in a strong team environment, as well as independently.

We are looking for individuals who have an active outdoor lifestyle with a safety conscious attitude, a willingness to work long and hard days, and a drive to persevere in all environments. Candidates must be willing to travel, work in challenging terrain and their schedules must be able to accommodate a mixture of town and camp work, with shifts altering between five days and ten days.