Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting at a Glance

With the head of the fire blazing away in the distance, the heat from the scorched earth still radiates from the small smouldering fires scattered on the ground. The smell of freshly burned timber wafts in the air. On your left, two of your crew members are operating the water pump, extinguishing the flames that suddenly climb the limbs of a tree. To your right, your crew boss is evaluating the standing semi-charred trees, assessing their danger risk to those employed on the fireline. You reach for your fire shovel and begin turning over burning coals and other earthy materials, burying them in the dirt so as to mitigate the risk of a flare-up. The pristine forests remain intact around you. Through you and your crew’s efforts, this beautiful piece of British Columbia has been preserved.

Current Opportunities

How Will You Make An Impact?

As a part of TDB’s Wildland Firefighting crew, you will help the BC Wildfire Service protect rural communities and our valuable resources of beautiful forests and wildlife habitats. Once a fire is considered to be under control (i.e. contained) TDB Wildland Firefighting crews may be utilized to ‘mop-up’ a fire using pumps and hose lays, to patrol areas in which a wildfire has burned using hand tools to extinguish any remaining smokes or hotspots, and, to complete the removal of equipment from fires once they are fully extinguished.

How Will We Help You Grow?

New or experienced, TDB has high expectations of their seasonal firefighting staff and strives for the highest of standards. TDB employs individuals with a variety of experience levels, from beginner to intermediate to senior, to fill multiple positions on their seasonal Wildland Firefighting crews. TDB will provide training and development opportunities to career-motivated individuals; including but not limited to: certificates for First Aid and Transportation Endorsement, Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor, Chainsaw/ Power Saw Operator, and/or Crew Leader.

After a new recruit successfully completes their first fire season, they will be eligible for recall and the opportunity to renew their employment with TDB for future fire seasons. If work is available, and you have an aptitude for it, year-round employment opportunities in TDB’s other departments may also be presented to you.

Who Are We Looking For?

In British Columbia the challenging landscape combined with the harsh wildland fire environment require knowledgeable and prepared personnel. We are looking for individuals who are not only trained with their S-100 (or retrained with their S-100A) and S-185, but also those who thrive in a structured environment and have the ability to follow strict command. Candidates will possess a strong work ethic with a proven ability to build relationships and work collaboratively in a strong team environment.

We are looking for individuals who have an active outdoor lifestyle with a safety conscious attitude, a willingness to work long and hard days, and a drive to persevere in all environments. Candidates must be willing and able to pass a physical fitness test, travel provincially, and be available to work during the busy fire season (typically May – September). Candidate’s schedules must be able to accommodate camp work with shifts of up to 14 days in length.